This is my very first post as an introduction about my self. I am NOvel Yahya. I am male. I graduated from a university in 2000.. I was an IT and game software developer that was passionate in especially computer science & technology and knowledge in general. In 1994 I started at the first time to learn interesting things about computer system, hardware, software engineering and soon, and also to learn to write native programs in a low level Assembly language and as well as in higher level languages such as C, Pascal, Basic, and Clipper for a stand-alone MS/PC DOS PC and/or PC-clients of a Novell NetWare PC network.In 1996 I had a hobby on developing my own native screen savers, video games, telephony & messaging, multimedia based software using C/C++, Delphi, and also Visual Basic for my Window 95 PC. At that time I also liked writing some articles about computer technology, graphics, and programming.In 1998 I had a hobby on creating my own portable game-engine using C/C++ that must work on any computers with a very minimum system requirements especially my old 80386 PC. In 1999, I also had experience in a relative big project to develop some client-server database applications using Oracle and Visual Basic 5/6. And also had experience in developing and porting many vide game projects for various platforms such as Nintendo GameBoy, Playstation, and coin-op arcade machines.

Finally in 2004 I established Condetsoft that focuses on mobile technologies starting from Symbian, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone 2002-2005, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms.

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