Sharing experiences using Apple Music

Apple has many interesting products and services and one of them is Apple Music service. The service contains millions of songs. If you enjoy listening songs and/or watching music videos yea it is a good choice to enjoy music without any advertisements on any Apple devices and/or iTunes. We can listen music on MacBook while working.

There are some interesting Apple accessories has been available recently that support this service such as 👍 stereo earphones,

And AirPod is the wireless version of this stereo earphones type that you can use anywhere anytime to listen audio from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other devices including listening music while you are playing games too. Most 👍 games has it’s own music and even some games had features to access any music of millions music that already in your Music library whether it was purchased and/or subscribed.

Queen Cleopatra’s StackMatch by Novel Yahya

StackMatch 2 – Treasure Hunter by Novel Yahya

And / Or this if you’re using iPad.

StackMatch 2 Treasure Hunter by Novel Yahya

And yes off course including listening music while you are enjoying reading books too.

Humour of Sufi – Laughing with Nasruddin by Novel Yahya

You can see more books and/or more games and/or educational apps on the following catalog.


Here !

Starting from Herhe (Here) In 2008 we developed and released apps and games for Apple iPhone (Now iOS) and for next years we also developed and released apps and games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac OS X, Apple Watch and also for Apple TV. Also developed some apps and games for other platforms and released on their own application stores such as Blackberry App World, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and other legal application stores.


This is my very first post as an introduction about my self. I am NOvel Yahya. I am male. I graduated from a university in 2000.. I was an IT and game software developer that was passionate in especially computer science & technology and knowledge in general. In 1994 I started at the first time to learn interesting things about computer system, hardware, software engineering and soon, and also to learn to write native programs in a low level Assembly language and as well as in higher level languages such as C, Pascal, Basic, and Clipper for a stand-alone MS/PC DOS PC and/or PC-clients of a Novell NetWare PC network.In 1996 I had a hobby on developing my own native screen savers, video games, telephony & messaging, multimedia based software using C/C++, Delphi, and also Visual Basic for my Window 95 PC. At that time I also liked writing some articles about computer technology, graphics, and programming.In 1998 I had a hobby on creating my own portable game-engine using C/C++ that must work on any computers with a very minimum system requirements especially my old 80386 PC. In 1999, I also had experience in a relative big project to develop some client-server database applications using Oracle and Visual Basic 5/6. And also had experience in developing and porting many vide game projects for various platforms such as Nintendo GameBoy, Playstation, and coin-op arcade machines.

Finally in 2004 I established Condetsoft that focuses on mobile technologies starting from Symbian, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone 2002-2005, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms.